“Stating the Obvious” – a brief metaphor

When there’s a long race ahead, taking that first step, which stops many people from ever starting, isn’t a problem for me.

The problem is on the 100th step – when I start to feel the aching in my legs.

I stop and take a long breath. I look around and see only the long stretches of pavement in front and back of me.

There’s no one running along side me.

There’s no one watching me run.

There’s no sign of any finish line.

And there’s only the aching in my legs.

So I sit down and rest.

A minute later, my stomach growls.

The race is forgotten.

-The End


Why didn’t I finish the race?

Why did I forget it so quickly?

Why does it matter if someone is with me or watching me do it?

Friends, “why” is the answer.

That’s what’s missing when I feel the pain in my legs.

No one likes being lectured, but I have to state something clearly obvious: it helps if you know why you’re doing something.

“Well Shit, Jeff. All that just to say something everybody knows? Thanks. I’m glad I read this long text” – you might be thinking.

Here’s the not so obvious part. It’s a bit of math, but it’s simple.

Your “why” needs to be as clear and detailed in your mind in direct proportion to the task/dream you’re trying to accomplish.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr. Universe in a very simple way: he out trained and out hustled his competition.

He was able to do that because he looked FORWARD to the grueling workouts because he knew EXACTLY what he wanted and had ENVISIONED what it would look like standing on the podium a champion in vivid detail.

So you are right when you say to yourself, “I can do damn near ANYTHING if I really want to.”

You and I both have immense potential.

We just need to really see what that “podium” looks like before we start so we don’t lose focus when things get tough.



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