Compound Interest

No, I don’t know the formula by heart.

All I know is that with it you can see significant value under your nose that you’d otherwise feel was a non-consequential profit of a few percentage points.

Did you ever finish a large goal, or complete a radical transformation that started with one tiny habit tweak?

In a nutshell, it’s the little things that end up being the big things.

And if you only wait for the big things to kick your ass into gear…

Well, you won’t be practiced in the art of kicking your ass into gear…

Then that elephant comes by…

And sure, Dumbo was a cute movie and all…

But his stomp on your pretty, symmetrical face won’t remind you of anything “cute.”

So, as more obligations and responsibilities come our way as we get older, many of us decide to inject some self-discipline to our lives in the form of habits and a daily routine to manage timely workload allotment.

Those that injected these without needing to be pushed by outside influences, are what we’d label as “self-sufficient.” The go-getters.

And those that didn’t (I reside in this category), they are what we’d label as “type b personalities.” Yes, I’m sure you love Johnny like a brother, but you’re not trusting him with your car for the weekend.

Now, people like ourselves (“human beings”), who are capable of limitless creative expression and industrial expansion, don’t like to be reduced to any arbitrary number.

We believe it limits us, and imprisons us inside glass boxes.

And how can a seed get the proper nutrition to grow into a shimmering, full-bodied flower when it’s encased in a glass box?

And yes, as we were cutting the colored paper with the crazy scissors, we were being taught in Kindergarten that we are all each a unique, imperfect, and beautiful snowflake.

But stereotypes didn’t just manifest themselves.

With only just word of mouth as a tool, enough people in the early 1900’s noticed and passed along similar observations of other types of people and came to a general truism they thought.

And no, I’m not trying to argue the validity of any particular stereotype.

But there has to be at least a small percent true of each because of how they were formed. If other’s weren’t noticing what their friends were telling them, then there wouldn’t be a general stereotype to come back to in regards to anything.

So, while I’d hate to forever be introduced as, ‘Jeffrey- class-b personality’…

You’re not letting me use your car for the weekend.

*Drops mic with a confident Kanye West pose*

*Silence from the crowd*

*Picks mic back up* Oh!, what’s my point in all this song and dance?

All the pieces matter.

Even the miniscule crumbs.

Only once you pick up the crumbs and examine them completely can you know their worthliness or lack there of.

And you need to remove the popular “everything I do is gravy, and if no one likes it they can fuck off” cloak off your head to be able to start seeing the crumbs.

I didn’t just become type b out of nowhere.

There’s a crumb somewhere.

Whatever you want to change in yourself…

Remember to make kicking your ass the starting point so you’ll be ready for dumbo



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