A Step Back

Look for a silver lining,” they’ll say.

Or “make lemonade.”

And when you hear these clichés, you want to scream for how patronizing they sound.

But if you’re stuck in jail…

and got 30 to life…

thinking of how long 30 years will be…

does you no good.

2020 has felt like a one year prison sentence in many respects.

And somehow, everything feels just as restrictive today as it did it March.

I saw a study where it stated that a majority of the US population believe masks will be mandatory at least 6 more months, which means everything else that goes along with mandatory masks will also remain status quo.

So the question is, “what do we focus on?”

I know how patronizing it sounds, but covid could be something you look back fondly 20 years from now.

Simply because it was a catalyst for you to take complete inventory of yourself and change

And if and when you decide to look back, you need to take “yourself” out of it and see the “role” you play in your day-to-day interactions.

What does that mean?

Well, the truth is that while you can change every aspect of yourself while you’re socially distancing, it doesn’t mean others will respond to you differently once Spring comes around.

Everyone from your partner to your coworkers are used to “you” being a certain way.

And while you might claim, “I don’t pay attention to others’ opinions,” you will be quite surprised to see how cringe worthy some of your normal interactions are when you look back.

And you’ll think of a particular interaction and wonder how on Earth could you have reacted in such a defeatist way and the answer is..

Personalities are self-propagating.

Cognitive dissonance is very real and must be combated in order to not regress back to the mean.

Eventually your peers will respond to your new self accordingly, but it’ll take some transitional time.

The first step in maintaining all the progress you’ve acquired through this past year, is being ever vigilant of the potential to regress and fall back into your previous habits and responses.

None of this is flashy advice and won’t be on bookshelves, but it’ll help you tremendously more than the next bestseller.

And how much these words will help you is dependent on how far back you look and how honest you can be with yourself.

No. No one is perfect.

But only chumps think who they are today is their best form.

So I wish you all luck in these trying times and remind you to ask yourself.

“Who will I be in 2021?”


  1. This post is well written! I really enjoyed it. Yes, 2020 has been a difficult year. But you can see obstacles or you can see opportunities. The choice is yours.
    In 2021, I would love for my goals to be completed, or at least in the process of getting completed. My goal is become a published writer. I would love that. Who would you like to become in 2021?


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