The Delta Wave Is Starting

You may or may not have read the previous posts regarding these developments, but rehearsal is OFFICIALLY OVER.

Given the stagering amount of new COVID 19 (ie Delta) cases and subsequent deaths in India over the previous two months, it was not only completely incompetent, but also immensely dangerous for our media not to cover these developments properly.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any time to be angry at our incompetent “watchdogs” who supposedly “protect”us by keeping us “informed,” or disappointed by delayed Summer plans.

There is only time to ACT.

Please read these next few lines carefully and check any and all links above if you’re skeptical.

We NEED to minimize the amount of interactions we have with others to only necessary levels.

We NEED to prepare and RESPOND for the upcoming 3rd wave.

And we NEED to prepare for it RIGHT NOW.

Unlike last year, we have some data to look to and assess what the next steps are.

The new variant that ravaged India, is finally now properly called something besides COVID 19.

It’s called Delta and Delta is more contagious and more deadly than COVID 19.

And Delta doesn’t give a shit if you’re vaccinated.

In fact, newly vaccinated citizens are likely more susceptible given their weakened immune states post treatment.

In just one month (May-June), Delta’s accountability for total new cases in the US has climbed from 1% to 7%.

2020 was horrible for everyone and this isn’t what we want to hear or read, but are we all really going to complicate the inevitable even more?

Delta is on our soil and it’s spreading quickly.

All we can do now is act.

Another day I will write a condemning letter to our incompetent media and clueless politicians (“leaders”).

That being said, I will share the link to this one USA Today post earlier.

If you simply type in the words “COVID” “Delta” “US” “India” in any arrangement on Google, you’ll see a long line of alarming press finally taking note of what’s happening.

Except for USA Today…which decided to spend their resources of influence by promoting how The UK hasn’t reported one COVID 19 death in nearly a year.

Well, John Bacon And Jorge L Ortiz (who I’ll only refer to a jerkoff 1 and 2 from now on), that’s just swell.

Except…COVID isn’t the story anymore.

Delta is and I’m positive the UK has lost lives from it already.

Whenever they want to “officially” announce the deaths is their puragative.

They have 3 weeks to let down their citizens gently before they “officially” prolong their restrictions this June.

Maybe allowing 20,000 travelers from India to cross their border from April to May was a mistake. I don’t know. You guys should check up with them.



It’s sad. It really is.

Everyone else: Please take care of yourselves and if you must travel, be hyper vigilant.

Until next time.

Be safe,

Jeffrey Joseph

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